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Why Men Cheat


Statistically speaking, men cheat for a single primary reason: sex.

Human beings are not monogamous by nature. They don't mate for life with the first person of the opposite sex they come across. And it's because of this biology, it's believed, that many men experience the natural urge to "spread their seed".

Now to be sure, in the case of marriages or committed relationships, there is far more than just biology at work. Many men report a loss of sexual desire for their wives after children are born...or even after witnessing their wives give birth. Their wives, to them, no longer appear as sex objects, but rather maternal figures.

Another widely reported cause is the breakdown of fun or spontaneity in the relationship. For example, to men in long-term relationships sex will become routine or mechanical. Not an adventure as it once was, but simply as a means to an end. And so they seek that adventure, that adrenaline rush, with another woman (or women).

Yet another cause is more biology related...the need to conquer. Think ego. It's reported that many men will seek sex outside of a relationship simply to see if they can do it. To see if they can convince a woman they are attracted sleep with them. It's the "notch in the belt" phenomenon that while frowned upon in America, is surprisingly widely accepted in many parts of the world.

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